Temporary Residence Under The Open Sky

laitman_745_01Question: At the time of the Sukkot holiday, why is it customary to go outside of your house where you live all year and go to a temporary structure, to a Sukkah? What does this mean in a spiritual sense?

Answer: Going out to a temporary structure symbolizes the beginning of spiritual advancement where we constantly leave a previous state and enter under the influence of a higher level. In order to enter under the influence of what is higher, it is necessary to change your location, your level, all the time.

The seven days of Sukkot are seven levels of ascent from state to state, from one spiritual Partzuf to another. Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut are seven Sefirot that differentiate my present state from the next state.

Sefirot are degrees of correction of the soul that determine how much my desire to receive is corrected for the sake of bestowal, a bit more and more, until I enter the next level.These are called seven Sefirot, moving from receiving for my own sake to bestowal to others and, after that, from the bestowal that is attained to greater and greater bestowal. During all seven days, I advance more and more in the levels of bestowal and love.

Question: Why is it necessary to build the Sukkah under the open sky?

Answer: This is because I don’t want to exploit the bestowal of the Creator for my own pleasure. Rather, I want to receive power from Him only for my own correction. This is specifically what the roof of the Sukkah symbolizes.

If I am not yet corrected, I receive the Light of the Creator for my own correction, and, if I am corrected, then it is for transmitting it to others. The more I receive the Light, the more I will be able to transmit it onward.

Throughout the entire year, the Light bestows in order to show me my egoistic characteristics. After this, on Rosh Hashanah, it shows me the goodness of the Creator.

Then during the ten days of repentance, the Light comes to differentiate Malchut from Bina within me, the desire to receive from the desire to bestow, the letter “Hey – ה” from the letter “Vav  וץ” After that, Sukkot arrives in which we receive the same illumination, but it already has corrected us.

During all seven days of Sukkot, we receive Light that corrects us to a state of “bestowal for the sake of bestowal,” and with the completion of these corrections, we celebrate the holiday of Simchat Torah (Rejoicing in the Torah). We use the force called Torah and rise to the level of  righteous.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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