The Awe That We Don’t Feel

laitman_289Question: Is the connection of fear and love one of awe for the Creator? Or is that a new feeling that, in the meantime, isn’t revealed in our world?

Answer: We are not talking about what is revealed in our world, meaning in the egoistic desires. Since there is nothing in them except for the animal fear for their corporeal existence and love for the pleasures that fill their animal existence.

We are not at all speaking about what is felt in the animal body, but trying to imagine ourselves existing in bestowal where two attributes reign: love and awe. We only think about what is happening outside of us, which means on what directs us externally to others and through them to the Creator, to the attribute of general love and bestowal.

Question: Why don’t we feel that awe you are speaking about?

Answer: That is a sign that you still haven’t gone through the required discernments of your advancement.

When a person is very concerned about something, is shaking and worried, then a feeling appears in him that he is investing strength and is not receiving what he should. And then he begins to think, “What’s the matter? It should turn out, but doesn’t.”

I have been studying so many years, so many years working on myself, doing a lot of disseminating. I have done so much. What haven’t I yet completed? Where have I made mistakes? Why don’t I see some advancement? And it could be that the advancement is that I don’t see it!? But I also need to know that. This means there is a demand that appears to a person, but it appears according to his efforts.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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