Consolidating Hearts

Laitman_931-01Question: When we try to measure the desire of a friend by ourselves, to enter into him, an oppositional force begins to operate within us. Where does the second, balancing power that will help us “enter the friend” come from? What are we missing?

Answer: An external foreign force is required for us to smash our ego. We see that we are not consolidated in our hearts. It is impossible to scrape the membrane off the heart. This sack full of blood boils and beats within us, measuring every second of life that remains and we cannot do anything about it. What is required is an external force that will connect our hearts.

It is possible to invite it only through the right intention while studying the real Kabbalistic sources by Baal HaSulam and Rabash. So we must constantly try, try, and try to do this. There are no other possibilities.

You must all try together to nullify the iron wall that exists between you. You feel how much it separates between your hearts. So try to break through it!
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Three” 9/21/14, Lesson 5

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