The Last Drop That Fills Our Measure

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there any chance that a person who studies can succeed simply by the power of inertia ? He doesn’t leave because corporeal life doesn’t seem attractive either, but on the other hand, he sees that the wisdom of Kabbalah is too much for him and he cannot believe that he will ever reach the revelation of spirituality.

Answer: It is impossible to study with the power of inertia. Every moment in our life requires our energy. Therefore, if a person studies, it means that the Upper Light operates on him and sustains him. He probably has to go through this period. There are such periods in which a person becomes like a corpse, a lifeless body: He cannot live in the corporeal world anymore, but he hasn’t started living in the spiritual world yet.

Question: It seems that one can wander on the border of the spiritual world for years and not reach a request, a prayer.

Answer: No, that depends on you; it depends on the environment. Believe me, I speak from my own practical experience. The preparation period cannot go on forever, no state goes on infinitely.

Every moment you exist and somehow get closer to the spiritual advancement, the Light operates on you and fills you with the spiritual force drop by drop, like an intravenous infusion. But it has to accumulate to the right measure and therefore it takes time.

If you want to reach the spiritual revelation sooner, hasten time. But it cannot be that your measure will never be filled; there is no such thing. On the whole I have to know only one thing: How to connect the group with the goal.

I want to eat some soup and I am told: “Get a bowl!” But I have no bowl, so what can I receive the soup in? The bowl is the group. If I am not incorporated in a group, I have nothing to receive spirituality in. I have to tie the group very tightly to the attainment of the goal, to the revelation of the Creator.

We still think and hope that there is some vessel where the Creator can be revealed somewhere inside us. But there is no such place in a person. There is only one black point that cannot receive any revelation. But still, drop after drop, the Light operates on a person and he gradually begins to tie his success with the connection, with the friends.

This is already a great accomplishment; it is a switch from the earthly, corporeal individualistic path to the spiritual ladder. You already begin to subconsciously tie yourself to the group. You get closer and closer to it, and the moment the first contact, the first connection, is formed, you enter the spiritual ladder. This is called the ladder of spiritual ascent.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/14, Shamati #56

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  1. inertia:

    Physics : a property of matter by which something that is not moving remains still and something that is moving goes at the same speed and in the same direction until another thing or force affects it.

    No problem with any group of any kind. That is: major problem with all groups of all kinds. Which is great.

    what can I tell you? i used to hate you, as we know, and now I have respect for you and your teaching as I reached the greatness of the rav and this is sacred. indeed it all passes through you, and your group ,toward us and there is no other possibility.

    no problem. but I have to find a way to feed as knowledge is foundation to the work in the Torah and dissemination, apart from your precious and enlighted advices. Remember that i am barred from the morning lessons. So I had to improvise. Acting like a rat, robbing the mp3 is not a good options.

    So yes, inertia, sometimes still and sometimes moving along the line, until some other force would modify tha aim. Also there are issues, totally independant of you that you do not see, personnal stuff. Maybe I will be freed from them. until then, I wish you,

    All the best and to all the friends.
    Eli joseph

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