Instead Of Civil Marriage

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: It seems that our next level is serving people. There are for example so many lonely people that it is really terrible. But despite the fact that there are so many online dating sites, it doesn’t result in people starting a family. Having accumulated a lot of experience in working in circles, I see the exact picture of how to speak about this issue with people and how to teach them.

Answer: I don’t think that bringing people together and helping them start a family is the solution to the problem. We are in a phase in human history in which people cannot see themselves connected to a family. They connect quickly, have children, and begin to regret it: “What have we done?! This limits us so much, it is suffocating!”

I am beginning to understand them better lately. What is suffocating them is the ego that has evolved to its maximum size. We have to ascend to the need of having a family, so that it will become part of our spiritual vessel (Kli). Only then will we be able to speak about getting married. Otherwise it will lead to nothing.

The more we advance, the more we will see this situation. So people will start a family only when they can be sure that this is their way upward and not because they were suddenly inspired in the group or in some workshop. Only when they reach a certain spiritual state and grow up spiritually will they understand the meaning of a family.

The idea of civil marriage will practically disappear and instead there will be spiritual families. It is the need for the creation of a family cell that will become the reason for starting a family.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/24/14, Lesson 1

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