A Toy That Must Come To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “the King’s honor” that a person can harm through his ego?

Answer: Regarding “the King’s honor,” this means that I accept Him as controlling me, organizing and managing my entire life, and everything that is within me and around me. Everything that I feel and think, everything that appears in my consciousness, comes from Him, from some source.

Suppose that I lose consciousness and then begin to regain consciousness. All of my emotions that I feel within myself and the world around me are derived from some previous source.

This higher source shapes and forms me and gives me the feeling that I exist within a physical body, within some context, with hands and feet, and that a whole world spins around me. But all this is portrayed in a single point within me, within my consciousness.

This point which describes its existence to itself, has a higher spiritual source called the Creator” He is called the Creator because He created me. And in addition to this, Creator (Boreh) expresses Bo reh (come and see), because I can come to Him and feel Him.

The Creator created within me, some point that feels itself as existing in a unique form, in a human body that is living in this world, in the universe. But this point has the possibility of expanding its perception correctly, such that from this physical picture that it gets from above, from the Creator, it can reach Him, its source.

This means that it must learn how it is built, how processes are taking place within it that seem external and seemingly happening in the surrounding world. From this it can attain the Source. But in the name of this, it must again gather inside it, all that seems external to it.

From everything that happens within my body, I must also locate this unique internal point, that connects from within to the Source, to the cause of its existence, and to the entire perception of this reality. This is a more advanced stage.

The problem is to understand, and mainly to feel, that the Creator determines all of my reality, my perception and also that of the world.

Imagine yourself as some kind of toy puppet, a little bear with a spring under tension that is managed by some kind of program that makes it move. But it has a special point within it so that it feels that it exists like this. And this point is the source of the soul, for everything else belongs to the Creator, the higher source that activates me.

But this point is the Adam in me, the beginning of the future Adam. All the rest belongs to the Creator and is managed from above. So from this point, it is important that I begin to understand my life and who it is that manages it. This is called, “from your deeds we are aware of You.”

I look at the deeds that He carries out with my point, at how He forms my “self” and this whole world, and from this I become aware of Him.

In this way, I ultimately attain the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/07/14, Writings of Rabash

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