How To Cure The Plague Of Anti-Semitism In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Jewish people have existed for 4000 years. They emerged from ancient Babylon thanks to Abraham who gathered around him chosen from all of the Babylonians. After that, this group underwent the Egyptian exile, the wandering in the wilderness, the events at Mount Sinai, and returned to the land of Israel and built the first and second Temples.

In the first two thousand years, from the exit of Babylon until the destruction of the second Temple, we lived as a spiritual people according to the laws of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” in mutual guarantee and in unity, like one big family. This is the form in which the people of Israel must live. Only in this form can it exist in security, and nobody can enslave it.

“Love for Israel” is not an abstract concept. Rather it indicates that each one loves his people and is linked with it. But the loss of this power of unity between us was symbolized by the destruction of the Temple. We fell from brotherly love to unfounded hatred towards each other, and so we were thrown out of this land into exile for 2,000 years.

In the last two thousand years we have not been a people. After all, the people of Israel are the same Babylonians who connected on the basis of the teachings of Abraham, meaning the law of brotherly love, unity, and connection. So today we are not a people. I very much hope that the latest war will finally force us to understand that only the return to “love of Israel,” that is, “Love your neighbor as yourself” will return us to the corrected state.

And without this, we cannot exist. Meanwhile our nation exists in such a form that is not appropriate for it, that we seemingly think is right. But this is only a temporary reprieve that was given to us from above for a particular time so that we would build ourselves as a people and return to brotherly love.

In the latest campaign, “Protective Edge” in August 2014, we saw that the people are beginning to understand it is necessary to unite and to be afraid of losing the unity that was attained at the end of the military operation.

This time a change is happening among the people. A unique inner impression has remained that specifically this unity is vital to us. So today I have hope that we will not let this spark that has been ignited in us to go out. The nation returns to daily life, each one to his personal problems. But even if this is so, we haven’t lost this yearning to unite that was born in us during the war. So we can approach the concept of the “people of Israel.”

If we begin to approach each other, then we will truly create a protective dome above us and attain the secure existence of the people of Israel in the land of Israel. Everything depends only on our connection between us. This is because we are a people created from a group that was gathered from representatives of all of the Babylonians on the basis of unification and love.

Specifically thanks to this message, they followed Abraham. So if today we can be, at least in some way, similar to that spiritual group that existed 4,000 years ago, we will merit a completely good, secure, and stable life in this land.

We feel that lately the whole world has begun to relate to Israel in a very hostile way : All nations without exception. This is simply a plague that has spread everywhere. It will stop only if the people of Israel will unite and show the whole world a new form of life, a new people, a new nation, that exists on the basis of the unification of all of its citizens, instead of existing for the sake of its ego with constant competition and hostility.

The world expects a good example from us and is not getting it. And so it blames the Jewish people for all of its problems. Blame directed towards Israel is acknowledgment of their dependence upon it. The nations of the world understand that their lives depend upon Israel that has not carried out its role, its mission. The world is waiting for the people of Israel to become an example of new relationships between people and the good life.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 8/27/14

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  1. Hello,

    As a non Israeli and a non Jew who has been following you for the last couple of years and has been “awakened” by what has been taught, I would just like to say this: Beyond uniting amongst yourselves as a people, which must happen of course, and beyond being an example to the world of this sort of living (which must happen of course) you have to actually do even more…so sorry but true. It seems an impossible task to be honest.

    As the quality of the visible example is the most important teaching tool in this world, you must use it. You have to “appear to be” what you teach. This means unity. Not just toward Israeli Jews but toward everyone. You must find a way to explain that you want to include the rest of the world in a teaching method that is very unique (and it surely is) that is your birthright, and is most easily taught and understood by someone who has been raised as a Jew and who reads Hebrew. It cannot appear to be exclusively meant for what appears to be a “genetically” determined soul. No one will accept that unless they are born Jewish. What corporeal being could accept that an infinite and loving force would be so selective? These posts seem to go back and forth on this concept. If it is true, why do you need the rest of us? If is isn’t, let us feel a part of you.

    My dear beloved friends, I have been watching for a couple of years now and what I really think is this: If this method actually works, and I believe it can, then your true role is to be loving teachers of something the rest of us struggle to comprehend, because of lack of Jewish religious training and lack of knowledge of Hebrew, lack of understanding in general. Try to embrace your birthright and include the rest of the world instead of excluding them. We, that follow you, see your corporeal struggle and its difficulty. Many of us understand what it must feel like to be a small nation surrounded by hostility just trying to survive. We hope that you can actually manage to show the world why kabbalah can help them.

  2. P.S. Sorry but on a closer note to home is it not at all possible for Jews who study kabbalah and Muslims who study Sufism to find common ground? somewhere??

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