Israel – Built Upon A Borrowed Framework

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe nations of the world subconsciously feel that a calm and secure life in this world depends upon the people of Israel, so they come to us with complaints. We must understand that under the conditions of the today’s ongoing crisis, the pressure on us will continue to grow. After all, the worse it is in the world, the more the nations of the world will blame Israel for all of its troubles.

The nations of the world clearly feel that everything comes through us, even though we don’t know this ourselves. We don’t feel it and don’t understand why it is happening this way. However, the time has come for us to begin to be interested in the origins of anti-Semitism, to investigate and understand it, and to scrutinize the cause for its appearance.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah will help us in this by explaining the source of the Jewish people. This is because this source is not physical. We are not a regular people formed on a genetic basis like all the peoples. Instead, we proceed from a spiritual source, from the origin of unity that connects and unites everyone together into a single whole.

What must link us is brotherly love, love of others as ourselves, which doesn’t exist in our world. All this belongs to the spiritual level, to a spiritual source, that we must again attain.

You can argue about this and disagree. However, come; let’s sit down and begin to study this question, to scrutinize and investigate in order to discover the truth. Otherwise, we will have no chance of understanding what is happening with the world and with us, with our people.

How could it be possible to establish the nation of Israel, establish what its borders are, and the system in which the people of Israel will live if we don’t know what this people is, what kind of network of national, sociological, and social links must be constructed for it?

We have built the nation of Israel according to the same pattern upon which every other nation in the world has been built, and clearly this is not appropriate for us! We see that this is a sick nation. Everything that happens here is an unhealthy phenomena. We have built this nation according to the examples that we have taken from the nations of the world, according to the laws that are found at the basis of other nations that are more or less similar to each other.

According to these laws of the nations of the world, we have established a nation for ourselves, and we called it “Israel.” However, this is not the nation of Israel and not the people of Israel if it lives in a system like this! We have crammed the people of Israel into this template, into a matrix that is designed for the nations of the world, and it cannot exist in this form.

We have gathered a multitude of people from the ends of the earth into this area and have begun to link them, to insert them into a framework borrowed from the nations of the world, but this is not at all appropriate for the people of Israel. So, until today, we have existed only through the kindness of the higher power.
From the program “A New Life” 8/14/14

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