Internal Separation Is More Frightening Than The External Enemy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that all of the people are connected?

Answer: To connect means to be in harmony with nature. A people that reaches harmony with nature is connected from within, similar to all levels of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate.

All the levels and parts of nature are connected into one system. The inanimate nature supports the vegetative and the vegetative supports the animate. All of the parts of nature are included in one another and are in a closed sphere, except for Adam (man).

Humans are a unique phenomenon on the face of the earth because according to their primary nature, they are destructive. This was arranged intentionally to give us the possibility, through our efforts,  to link ourselves with nature in the same unified and integral form into one collective system.

People who work on themselves in this way to connect with each other and after that join all of integral nature are called “Jews.” Indeed, they aspire to unity, love, connection, and loving-kindness.

And this correction must gradually extend over all of humanity. Our forefather Abraham, who lived in ancient Babylon, began this correction when he gathered all the people who agreed with the idea; with them he organized a group. This group became the foundation of the people of Israel.

The next stage in the advancement of this group was standing before Mount Sinai. There the people accepted upon themselves the realization of the condition of being as one person with one heart. In this form, they became the people of Israel in whose foundation is the principle of unity.

The people of Israel are not like the rest of the peoples who have formed communities in particular territories and bear national characteristics in their genes. Every Frenchman who wants to, can go through conversion, become a Jew and cease being French. This means that he takes these conditions upon himself and connects with the people of Israel.

In our times, this unity doesn’t exist, and this is a sign that we are in exile. Exile means separation, and redemption is the unity of the people. Today we are not a people, but a bunch of exiles.

Comment: But our conflict with the Palestinians is more disturbing to me than the internal divisions among the people of Israel!

Answer: The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is impossible to solve without an inner connection between us. Soon this conflict will become a confrontation against the whole world and It will then be impossible to leave here for any place abroad.

Events will develop in this way such that we cannot do anything with our neighbors. They will be able to shoot rockets at us whenever they want, we will not be able to react because the whole world will scream at us about each victim on the other side, and so our hands will be absolutely tied.

At most we could blow up some empty houses in the Palestinian territory, but we don’t win the war that way.

Israel will stand against the whole world, not just against the Arabs. Indeed, the whole world stands behind the Arabs and threaten us: “Don’t dare kill anyone!” And when the Arabs kill Jews, the world doesn’t pay attention to this. And what can we do in such a hopeless situation?

There are people who suggest that we ignore the whole world, enter Gaza and annihilate them all. But how much can we allow ourselves to behave like this? Tomorrow UN resolutions will be accepted and all of the nations will sever connections with us: cooperation, trade, banking and industrial relations. Israel is liable to be absolutely isolated, and this will kill us. In the world of today, no nation can exist if it is not connected to other nations.

Question: But what can be done if the situation continues to deteriorate? The terrorists will become more sophisticated. They pop up out of the sea and out of the ground, from everywhere! If once the rockets reached the southern cities, today they arrive reach everywhere in the country. And you say that it is forbidden to annihilate them because we will be isolated in the international arena?

Answer: But we cannot annihilate Gaza. All the people who call for this are simply making a short-term political image for themselves. Everyone understands that the world will not allow us to do this. This is absolutely clear. What controls the world is international public opinion and not governmental opinion.

And the whole world expresses a unified opinion against Israel. In this situation we have no solution other than the inner unity of the people. If we begin to work on relationships within Israeli society, we will become an example for the whole world, and these beautiful relationships will endear us to the whole world. In this form, the situation in the world will calm down in all areas, from the family and businesses to international relations and politics.

And for this it is not necessary to wait until the connection of the people of Israel will come to a complete expression. The moment we begin to make efforts in the direction of this connection, we will immediately see how the whole world and even the enemies, our neighbors, will immediately change their attitude towards us.

It is enough for us to place one sesame seed on the balance for the good of the unity of the people of Israel and our enemies will add a ton of seeds for the good of connection and good relations with Israel.
From the program “A New Life” 7/17/14

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