In One “Slice” Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that a person must use all that he has in order to fulfill the friend. But what is there in me?

Answer: If you have come here together with all of those people sitting next to you in the lesson and with another few thousand from all over the world, this is a sign that you are connected to them. The Light illuminates the general desire to receive, penetrates into some stratum of this desire to receive, and to the degree of its intensity, to the degree of its power, it awakens all of us. So we are awakened from this “slice” of desire that the Light illuminates and penetrates through us and awakens us. Otherwise we would remain beasts.

In this “slice,” we are connected to each other. Therefore all of us are called “friends” because there can be a connection between us; according to the mutual understanding, feeling, attainment and help. This is the difference between friends who belong to one layer of desire and our connection with the highest and the lowest. Among us we are equal.

So my correction is connection with all of those who are found in this slice of desire. This is because I understand that if we don’t connect this level, this slice, we will not continue the correction. Before us were the previous slices of desire, from Adam HaRishon forward. And we are in a new, very unique slice that from now on begins the correction of the true Malchut.

Question: But what is there in me?

Answer: What is in you is a connection to all the rest of the parts that were revealed together with you. And you must be in connection with them, to the degree that this is possible. There are those that you don’t identify with at the moment; there are those with whom you have a close, strong, and good connection. You have to know that your correction is to be connected with them.

Imagine to yourself: We are all found in one slice. Our correction is to be connected between us. There is nothing besides this! It’s impossible within this slice to think about myself. For here we are talking the slice of desire that has been revealed. The next generation will already be a lower slice or level and so on. So my personal correction is in this, that I will cause all of those who are within my slice to be connected into a single whole. And this is all.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/14, The Zohar

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