Brit Mila For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person on the spiritual path must fulfill a correction regarded as “Brit Mila” (circumcision). It is called “Brit” (union) because it establishes connection between spiritual structures (Partzufim). The upper Partzuf can pass to the lower one only what it has from Sefira Keter down to Sefira Yesod, but not further below.

Below are desires that cannot be corrected. Therefore, they need to be severed (cut off) and the remaining desires used to bestow. Every person must analyze his every action and cut off the “Orla” (foreskin), the desires that are currently not suitable for spiritual advancement.

This correction takes place in Sefira Yesod. But Malchut cannot be used because the Upper Light cannot get through to and correct it.

Brit Mila For Everyone

So I sever Malchut and perform other corrections thanks to which I can be certain that I am using the remaining desires correctly.

Question: If this correction is mandatory for spiritual advancement, does it mean that a woman who is progressing spiritually has to perform Brit Mila on herself?

Answer: Correction is performed specifically by the female attribute in a person, as the Torah states, Abraham was circumcised by his wife Sarah, and Moses by his wife Zipporah.

It comes from the very will to receive: by examining itself, the will to receive turns to the will to bestow, is included in it, and in this way performs circumcision.

In this sense, there is no difference between a woman or a man studying Kabbalah; any desire is subject to circumcision.

Of course, women have the same desires as a man’s, desires that cannot be used; and she must perform the same corrections, in the same manner, in the same order as a man does. Therefore, she also performs the correction of Brit Mila, since her soul consists of the same 10 Sefirot.
From KabTV’s Parashat 10/15/10

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