A New Middle East

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will Israel’s relations with the neighboring countries reflect the unity of the Jewish nation?

Answer: They will suddenly start to treat us like best friends. To the extent that we correct ourselves, we will see how they change and begin to like us.

On our part, we will unite all the nations into one, without any differences. Yellow, white, black, or red, what difference does it make? They will all be under the protection of peace, i.e., perfection and love, accepting this principle, studying it, and changing accordingly to become one whole nation.

The result will be that the citizens of Gaza will want to be like us and will want to establish this friendship and enjoy its benefits. They will want to get closer to us and will feel an urge for that. It is enough that we change and their hatred will turn into attraction. Today’s hatred will be transformed because we will transform ourselves.

They will feel that we have the key for a perfect life. They will feel that the Jews have discovered a special force that makes them perfect and thanks to this transformation, nature treats them mercifully in every aspect. It is as if a natural umbrella has been opened above the Jewish people, and a force that is above our natural existence spreads over us.

Everyone will feel an attraction for the same thing and we will have to be the Light for the nations of the world teaching the whole world how to attain it.

Therefore, the Israeli society needs to be taught how to reach this peace among themselves and this peace will spread and burst out to all of humanity.

This is how the world is built, as processes develop form the inside out, and so if we perform our work in the relations among us, it will spread to everyone.

Then we will be the teachers of the integral method and how to implement it. Each of us will become a guide of perfection, love, and of the unity of mankind.

The nations of the world will gradually learn this and change, and the boundaries between them will disappear. They will not feel any differences between them anymore because it isn’t about people’s faces but about feeling every person inside you.

Then even the citizens of Gaza will become our brothers and not cousins as they are today.

Thus the socio-educational revolution that has started in Israel will spread among everyone and will bring eternal comprehensive peace to all the nations. The unity of the Israeli nation is the first step on the way to the unity of mankind. Peace in Israel and peace in the world are directly connected in a cause and effect relationship.

Thus, we can understand what will happen if we don’t do it, if we don’t bring the world the peace that it needs so much. Then the whole world will attack us because they are filled with subconscious hatred wanting to destroy us, not even knowing why.

Question: Everyone is speaking about a new Middle East. What do you think it should be like?

Answer: Borderless, people simply living like brothers, open to one another. The force of love and bestowal will be revealed in them and they will have a different perception of reality, a different society that believes in a rational noncompetitive attitude.

The new Middle East will be managed by a group of wise people who know the method of integral education and who believe in the value of love of others and know how to take care of everyone day by day.

Question: Is that possible?

Answer: It is vital.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/10/14

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