The Land Of Israel And The Right Of Temporary Settlement

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Inheritance of the Land”: Israel will not return to their land until they will all be in one group.

Question: How does one get a desire to return to the spiritual land of Israel?

Answer: The desire grows through the Klipot (shells), it is processed and transformed into a desire, Yashar-El (straight to the Creator).

The physical land of Israel cannot bear fruit, meaning that it cannot hold people on it if they don’t realize the purpose of creation. And so if the Jewish people abandon this area, nobody can live here. Even the Arabs near us, who have been relatively more successful compared to the Arab nations, will not be able to continue without the Jews.

In general, the present condition is arranged with the expectation and hope that the Jewish people will begin to correct themselves and come into compliance with the land of Israel. It is precisely this condition that makes it possible for the Jews and the Arabs to exist here in the meantime. But if the Jewish people will not realize its mission, they will need to leave this land, regardless of the reasons.

And since other nations cannot hold on here either, this land will be destroyed in wars, like Syria is today, and even worse.

Question: What if a person wants to be in the land of Israel, but is not attracted to the spiritual land of Israel?

Answer: The aspiration to be in the physical land of Israel is worse than being outside of the land. Instead of being here in the physical land of Israel and not corresponding to the concept of the “land of Israel,” it is better to live somewhere else.

As it is understood, this doesn’t mean that a person should remain abroad. The idea is that he must correct himself and be in his own internal land of Israel, with the desire Yashar-El (straight to the Creator), for unity, for connection, for love of others. In contrast to this, people who live here are still not corrected and create problems for themselves all the time.

Indeed nobody in this world, except for us, has free choice, for we exist with two forces. We have a much greater ego than all of the nations of the world, and we have a spiritual spark. And between these two forces we can choose which way to go. The nations of the world are run only by a single desire to receive. The desire that attracts them is what runs them.

So we don’t have anything to demand and there isn’t anyone from whom to demand it. In fact, we don’t depend upon people like Secretary of State Kerry or President Obama at all. There is no reason to expect justice or true solidarity from them, since they are also run from Above. We depend only on maintaining or not maintaining the program of creation. Only connection between us can improve our condition.

And so if you want to live in the land of Israel, you must know that in order to come and live here, you must change yourself according to the land of Israel. This is indeed a unique land that swallows its inhabitants if they don’t correspond to its essence.

In the meantime we are living here, so to speak, by the grace of the Elyon (Upper One), and it is simply given to us for a time in order to correct ourselves. According to that same principle, after going out of Egypt, the Jewish people received an “entry permit” to the land of Israel only on condition that they would live “as one man with one heart,” according to the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

Only if we will live in unity will we have the right to be here. The people were given forty years in the desert to prepare themselves for the level of Bina. And then they needed to conquer this land, which means the people received desires that they needed to conquer. Working with them was very difficult.

Question: Why do our neighbors also have a desire for this land?

Answer: Because this land is beautiful and good. Indeed, the Jews here developed it. But the moment they leave, it will again become a wasteland.

And so the people who want to live here are run by the Creator. And for the Jews, this desire is given in a free form to make their desire like His desire. The entire difference is in our free choice. And the nations behave precisely according to the balance of forces within us.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/30/14, Writings of  Baal HaSulam

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