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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is so special about the miracle of the giving of the Torah? After all, there were miracles before that like the miracle of the exodus from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea?

Answer: We cannot attain these levels by ourselves since we ascend from the bottom up. Just as in our world we cannot ask a child to do something by himself if he doesn’t know how or expect that he should know something that he hasn’t been taught.

First we have to teach and educate a child, then he will be able use this knowledge and perhaps even discover new things, but everything requires preparation. When we come out of Egypt, we have no preparation and can’t do anything. We need the revelation of the Light that will come and take care of us and will provide us with inner discernments. First we need education, training, strength, knowledge, intelligence, and sensing.

Because we have no idea about the upper world, how can we resemble something about which we know nothing? How can we reach something if we have no preparation for it? Therefore, everything that is revealed in the giving of the Torah is given to us as if in advance, so that later we will work on it and attain it by ourselves.

This is how it always happens: First you are given a new state; it is shown to you and then it is taken away so that you will attain it by yourself. This repeats on every level and in every state. It is impossible to require a person to advance by himself. When we ascend from the bottom up we never know the next level. Every upper level is a whole world with regard to the lower level. There are such processes that we cannot even imagine that they exist and cannot know anything about in advance.

It is simply an endless adventure in which every time something new is revealed. It is like reading the same articles, the same sentences, but everything is perceived in a totally different way. Suddenly you see that you have to change all the concepts, to perceive and process them in a totally differ manner. It is on this new basis that you begin to understand what is written differently.

Therefore, it is impossible to ask a person to prepare himself for the receiving of the Torah in advance. We make certain preparations according to our level of understanding, and then whatever has to happen happens.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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