Values Of A Neurotic Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Olga Lukina, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, Director of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Coaching, Moscow): “In today’s society, the key life values are devalued: the value of work, the value of deep professional knowledge, honesty with oneself, self-esteem, willingness to do good, and responsibility.

“Instead, there are important values of a neurotic society: status, money, superiority in competition, aggressive force.

“Young people are particularly vulnerable. They swallow these ‘values’ without censorship; they have no immunity to them. Striving to meet the expectations of this society, they lose touch with their authentic selves. Only those who have healthy orientations and strong support of the family can withstand.”

My Comment: No doubt, without integral education, the young generation will lose itself completely.

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