The Global Crisis And Reassessment Of Liberal Ideology

Opinion: (Oleg Bogomolov, economist, academician, The Russian Academy of Sciences, “The crisis we are experiencing today attests to impending radical changes in the world order. The economy is entering a phase of transition toward new forms of regulation and technological setup, where the info-nano-bio-technologies, three-dimensional product printers are acquiring primary importance. Shifts in social structure are imminent; production, culture, and international relations are becoming global….

“A mono-polar world, led by the United States, is giving way to a multi-polar one that calls for equality, consideration of interests, and consent of multiple countries….

“The symptoms of humanity’s spiritual and moral crisis are building up….

“Humanity is undergoing a shift in its understanding of what the world and life are about. The Russian authorities are seeking a solution in promoting innovation in science and technology, …much of which depends on a favorable state of the social environment.…These aspects of existence are equally in need of modernization. A person, his culture, knowledge, skill, health, and mental state are key factors in making progress. Therefore, the strategic priority should be assigned to investing less in new equipment and more in a person….

“It is time to understand that it is necessary to transition to a new model of society and economy. The initial step is to rethink the old ideological tenets and to welcome spiritual revival and renewal of human communities….

“The absence of social justice in politics is unacceptable…. If it isn’t observed, there can be neither a healthy moral climate in society nor a healthy economy….

“Any measures aimed at tackling the crisis processes will fail unless strategic priorities are defined, not so much in economy, but in social and spiritual spheres. Governmental policies should focus on education, healthcare, science, culture, education, and nurturing of the younger generation. The path to the renewal of society, improvement of its moral climate, and economic prosperity lies through these areas.”

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