The Creator Is Not Discovered In Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe work of Israel in a complete Kli composed of GE and AHP, desires to bestow and to receive, advancing together towards the goal of correction, is giving all of one’s time in the right direction. GE must approach the method of correction such that together with the AHP we can filter and clarify those desires and characteristics which are preferable to use to advance on the middle line.

AHP is the left line, GE is the right line, and they must be connected such that the advancement will be optimal, in the middle line, with the right mutual connection between them. The sign of this optimal advancement is world peace, when there won’t be wars, problems, and suffering.

When the world will calm down externally, then we will see how much this state is worthy of revealing the higher power. The Creator cannot be revealed in conditions of conflict between nations and in enmity between people. He is not ready to be revealed in hatred, for there is no equivalence to His characteristics of peace, perfection, and love.

So those terrible events that we see in the world, we must see as our field of work. And this is called (Genesis 27:27) “a field which the Lord hath blessed” upon which we must go out to work. In every situation, in every moment, in every place in the world, it is necessary to choose His approach.

And so we will see how in all the extremities of the earth more and more of our friends appear who organize the right work regarding the method of connection and who bring peace and unity to the world in which the Creator can be discovered. Only the revelation of the Creator to the creatures can bring true peace and perfection. Therefore, all of our work is only in disseminating this idea.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/5/14

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