Take An Example From Our Spiritual Parents

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur forefathers lived ages ago, but those who are most important for us are our relatives: our grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother. Our mother and father are undoubtedly the most important since it is through them that we connect to all the generations that preceded them.

This refers both to our corporeal parents and to our spiritual parents. This is also how we connect to our upper father and mother (AVI), our spiritual parents, in order to receive the power, the Light, through them. All our work is in subduing ourselves before them.

Everything depends on the extent to which we can take an example from them and our wanting to be like them, to learn from them, and to subdue ourselves before their greatness. Our ego is intentionally meant for us to criticize them, and our work is to ascend above this criticism, although we disagree.

It is natural to disagree with our father and mother because we are on a lower level, but when we ascend above all the doubts, the questions, the difficulties, and the disagreements with the upper level, it is thanks to this that we ascend.

First, we totally nullify ourselves and incorporate in the upper like an embryo. Then, we move to the phase of Yenika (suckling) and Mochin (mind) and become more independent. All these levels are based on self-annulment, the restrictions of the ego, the acquisition of a Masach (screen), and on working above the criticism that is invoked in us toward the upper.

Therefore, the role of the nation is to annul themselves before the sages, the Kabbalists, to listen to them and serve them in any way possible. We actually must use the Kabbalist’s reason and listen to his advice when he tells us which steps we must take in order to advance spiritually.

This is also how we should act with regard to the world. Israel is called Li Rosh (I have a head), and so those who are on the level of Israel and attain spirituality must fulfill their role with regard to others. We either belong to Yashar El (straight to the Creator), and thus guide others, or to the nation, and then we subdue ourselves with regard to this guidance and follow it.

This refers especially to our nation when we try to reach a state in which everything that is written in the Torah is actually taking place in practice. We are the first generation that is trying, that is making an effort, to fulfill the Torah as well as to set an example for others, which means to reach a connection that is equal to the form of the upper, to the Creator’s form.

Thus, we establish relationships in the group and outside the group, among the nation and outside the nation. Thus, everything is organized in levels, in the shape of a pyramid, and the one below who subdues himself more than others, ascends higher than others.

Now, he is below since he has a Reshimo (reminiscence) from the big Masach that he once had and which he fulfilled it in order to bestow. Now that the Masach is shattered, he fell to the lowest level.

If he annuls himself, his ego, rises above it, and each time attributes himself to a level that is higher than he is, he will reach the top of the pyramid. Thus, the whole pyramid becomes a circle, and we return to the state of Ein Sof (Infinity), of one vessel and one Light.

During the time of the corrections, the time of the work, we have no other choice but to subdue ourselves before the upper. Everyone should understand who his upper is and from whom he receives the method, the Torah, the guidance along the way. Then, all the corrections will become the same, which means that they all form a circle.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/14

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