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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between caring and service? You say that we must attract the future states. This is unclear because it truly doesn’t exist within our sensation.

Answer: Certainly. So, this is not understandable. We understand only what is given to us in sensation. The matter of the world, of creation, is desire. So, feelings are primary. First, we feel, and after that we begin to understand what we are feeling, the reasons, all kinds of connections and everything that is happening within the desire itself. We understand how it is reinforced and  how it is possible to recover it, and so forth.

It is very important to understand that the main thing is desire, meaning feeling.

What touches upon the difference between care and service? Well, “service” or “usage,” these words are not good because they indicate that we must do something without ourselves understanding what. This is what has been taught to us, commanded and forced upon us. I am not saying that this is bad. For instance, service to a nation is something else. However, this is something that cannot be in the spiritual way.

In the spiritual path, it is necessary to attain everything emotionally within ourselves and, after that, explore our emotions. On what level of desires are Shoresh (root), Aleph (first), Bet (second), Gimel (third), and Dalet (four) found? Which Light is extended into these desires according to our intention? The degree of intention—Shoresh, Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet—determines the amount of the Light that is revealed, in other words, the intensity, the strength of feeling of the Creator which is discovered in that desire.

All of us must begin to feel to such a degree that when reading a book, we experience and measure our feelings at the same time. The book must be our spiritual and emotional guide in the full sense of the word so that we will laugh and cry when we read it, for it is talking about which activities I must carry out within me at every moment.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a very emotional science, but only for someone who can feel these emotions in himself already, and, if not, then it will seem dry to him.
From the Sochi Convention 6/9/14, Lesson 1

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