Acceleration Of The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll human beings are bearers of a particular part of the one and only collective soul: Malchut of the world of Infinity. In the right state of resemblance and equivalence to the Light, this is called Adam (from Domeh, meaning similar). All of us are shattered into parts, distant from each other, so that in spite of our natural rejection called egoism, we can connect above it.

To the degree that we begin to yearn to approach each other, the shattered desire that is in us gradually will begin to be discovered more and more, and we are egoistically repelled from each other more and more strongly.

Through our opposition to the mutual rejection and building a mutual connection above it, we enhance the intensity of the vessel of the collective soul that is composed of two opposing forces: repulsion and attraction. Accordingly, with our desire above the ego, a greater and greater Light is discovered: the characteristic of bestowal.

As it is written, (Proverbs 10:12) “Love covereth all transgressions.” Therefore, they are necessary, and the degree of the gap between the crimes and the love determines the volume of the vessel in which the characteristic of bestowal and love is revealed. A small vessel (a small contrast between hatred and love) becomes greater and greater until the contrast becomes infinite, and this is the world of Infinity.

That is how we advance forward. Everything depends upon the intensity of our work. If we build ourselves in the right way, we don’t flee from the opportunities for connection that appear with us in all kinds of physical conditions, like studying and dissemination, wherever possible. This is a necessary condition with whose help we hasten and accelerate our way.

With this, the attitude toward a friend and the entire world must be like the relationship to the Creator because this is discovery of Him. That is how He is revealed to me. If I try to approach Him, I must say that everything that is happening comes from Him. In this case, I already am justifying everything that is around me.

This is because, from the start, everything is determined by Him, just like all the characteristics and all kinds of movements within me. The Creator is found in everything (both within me and in what is outside of me), and the relationship between the internal and the external is the middle third of Tifferet, there, where the person feels free choice.

Therefore, such a correct intention accelerates our path.
From the Sochi Convention 6/9/14, Lesson 1

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