Learn To Look At Yourselves From The Side

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My desire to receive dominates me. How can I look at myself from the side; what enables me to do so?

Answer: This option is already in our Reshimo (spiritual gene). It isn’t by chance that I feel like drawing away from myself and watching myself from the side, although it can be very unpleasant. This desire is already rooted in the Reshimo.

In what vessel do I feel the awakening? In the part that can differ from the animal level in me. It is the Light that comes and begins to differentiate, to peel, my self from my ego, and I feel an awakening, a feeling of elation as a result. I see the world through different eyes and feel it differently.

It is already rooted in the Reshimo itself and the Reshimo comes from an upper level. This is where my work begins: to what extent I can add my exertion to this Reshimo and try to unite with it, in order to see my whole animal level from the side and above it.

I then ask the upper Light for help and begin to understand why all the Kabbalists say that we need a group in order to take an example from them, to adhere to them instead of to ourselves. Make your desire the Creator’s desire and your friend’s desire and serve others instead of serving yourself.

All this stems from the fact that a person has to rise from the animal level to the level of the speaking. In order to do that, I prepare all the means. I establish a mini world, which is the group and the dissemination, and with their help, I draw the Light that Reforms and draw further and further away from my animal so that it demands no more than the basic necessities. Of course, there is a constant struggle, since the further I draw away from the animal, the more it pulls me back so that I will have the opportunity to grow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Writing of Rabash

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