Where Am I Sailing To?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can be done if the group doesn’t want to work in groups of five? How do we continue to study? Should we drift along with the group? Then where am I sailing to?

Answer: It is a very good state when people see how much they reject each other, how much they are not prepared to sit together and discuss something. They can be in the same room, watching the screen and listening to a lesson, but all the rest is terribly difficult for them! This is the revelation of evil and even the recognition of evil: you understand that, if you don’t approach each other, you will remain without spirituality.

What is to be done? Try to carry out activities that gradually lead to a common denominator, a shared conversation, something specific. It is difficult because we see the immense ego and unfounded hatred revealed in us.

It is desirable, as much as possible, to invite someone else as a facilitator for a workshop, as an organizer of games who will gather everyone and start to connect between them. In this case, you will need to communicate somehow, do something. Then, you will begin to understand each other. It is desirable for this to be a stranger, a guest from another group who nevertheless can connect you.

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