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Dr. Michael LaitmanThere was single, whole Kli that was full of Light; after that it was shattered. The Kli (Neshama) wanted to receive in order to bestow with all of its might and not be separate; it did not discern that within it were desires that were not directed towards reception in order to bestow, that some kind of desire was left there that had never been revealed from the beginning of creation called the stony heart.

And so the Kli (vessel), this Neshama (soul), was shattered, and the Light that this Kli was intended to hold was removed and became Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).  In Ohr Makif there are two characteristics; the Light that was removed that was within the Kli and filled it, and the Light that was removed that held the Kli that initially created it in order to bestow.

These two characteristics are found in the Light; the Light of correction and the Light of fulfillment. We must understand that these two Lights act only according to our lack of them. First we need a Light that connects. If the deficiency is not directed towards connection, then the Light doesn’t work. We don’t attract it and we don’t invite it.

The Light can be attracted only through our lack, consistent to its action, so that we will be directed towards each other; I to it and it to me. Therefore a prayer must be for connection, for the Kli was shattered, and its connection is the only thing that the Light performs at our request.

And without our request, the Light performs another thousand actions, which it does anyway. So before we read The Zoharwe need to direct ourselves correctly: ask for connection if we want to attain some kind of result from our study.

A person can sit for 20 or 30 years next to the book, as if he is present in a group, but if he doesn’t artificially develop a desire for connection, through all kinds of texts, videos, conversations and so forth, then he remains without a prayer, meaning without help from Above.

He is still included in the study, but studying like this is through a long and difficult path, requiring a long time and passing through unpleasant conditions. So let us be wise and understand that we have the opportunity and support to heed the advice of the Kabbalists and let us invest the necessary effort.
From the 2nd part of the
Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/06/14, The Book of Zohar

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