The Last Revolution Will Be Internal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if it is difficult for me to talk to people, and I don’t know how to convey the method of connection to a person with whom I am talking?

Answer: There cannot be any difficulties because we explain to people how it is possible to get out of the crisis. If such problems didn’t exist in the world, we wouldn’t have the possibility of approaching them. However, from day to day, the world is sinking into greater and greater problems and chaos with formidable speed. Nobody knows what will happen today or tomorrow.

In a situation like this we simply must go out to the world and tell them why this is happening. This is indeed being done deliberately by nature that presses upon us. We are constantly developing under its pressure, and even now, it presses upon us so that we will continue with our development.

This time however, our development shouldn’t happen through all kinds of wars. Against whom can we fight today if all of us are in the same trouble? Nothing will help if we begin to fight each other, for we have nothing to conquer. You want to live in some nation?Go ahead, do it!

Problems that humanity experiences today cannot be solved in an earthly way. We don’t have the tools with which it is possible to correct the situation. This is because we have already used all the means that exist in this world, but we still feel bad. Humanity got confused: if we start a revolution against someone, then we are harming ourselves.

Revolutions don’t help, but only destroy nations as we see from the example of the latest events in the Ukraine or the consequences of the Arab Spring, a wave of turmoil that has passed through the Arab world. We don’t have the tools to benefit our situation. Nature obligates us to move from external actions to internal actions and to change ourselves.

This is precisely what we need to explain and publicize to everyone. Leaving the crisis is possible only through an internal revolution within the person, not through external upheavals. This is our message with which we go out to people. We have a method for changing a person through which he not only attains a serene life in this world, but discovers a completely new, eternal, complete dimension in addition to the one in which he now lives.

This addition will be so meaningful that he, so to speak, will disconnect from this material life and will live entirely in the spiritual world without feeling the life and death of his physical body. He will rise above it in a feeling of eternal existence.

We have to reach a state like this, and obviously, on the way we will solve all the problems, remove all doubts, and answer all questions. This is the only method that makes it possible to leave the crisis that will only expand more and more. I hope everyone will understand as quickly as possible that this is the only way.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/14, Talk About Dissemination: Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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