The Power Of Ascent Through The Method Of Abraham

congress-ahziv_17Question: If we want to take an example from Abraham, what must we talk about with people?

Answer: Suppose that we organize an institute called “Abraham,” after the name of the approach and the idea, and we begin to disseminate this philosophy, this perception, and goal of life on its behalf. So we must gather a sufficient amount of people to come out of the current modern Babylon just as they came out from ancient Babylon. This means that it’s necessary to reach a particular strength among that part which is detached from the ego and then rise upward.

We require a power that will take us upward. If I have a small balloon filled with helium, it can’t lift me. But if I take a large balloon with a diameter of twenty meters, then it will.

Question: When meeting with people, how do we do this so that this helium balloon will lift their point in the heart?

Answer: It’s simply necessary to publicize this idea among everyone, as Abraham did in his time. Through this, we attract people and they will begin to wake up and to learn from us. There is no obligation for everyone to agree with us. They come, try it—some of them leave and some of them stay.

Question: Is this active or passive dissemination?

Answer: It seems that Abraham disseminated his idea actively since Nimrod, the king of Babylon at that time, expelled him from the city since he couldn’t agree with Abraham.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/14, Talk About Dissemination: Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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