One Heated Debate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the group help the individual see the uniqueness of the upper force if there are many opinions in the group and everyone hears the teacher differently, and it is hard to come to an agreement even about the main values?

Answer: You have all heard about the Talmud, but not everyone knows that it is a Kabbalistic book that explains in great detail the different laws that a person must keep in order to reach adhesion with the Creator. This book was written by great Kabbalists, and it is all in the form of debates and discussions. One says one thing, and another says something else, as if ten people had gathered in one room and they argue continuously with one another.

However, a person who knows the material understands that they all speak about the same thing and that they all have attained spirituality. However, each one expresses his own nature. In our nature, there are at least ten positions from which one can look at the same thing and thus see the same concept in his own individual way. It isn’t just a debate about who is right but about mutual incorporation, a combination of all the views. Thus, they become more connected as a result of this study, although it seems that they argue with one another. As a result of this connection, they reach unity.

Of course, you always will feel that you are different from one another in the group. If you accept this impression, it means that you don’t think and don’t feel what you argue about exactly since every person is different. It isn’t by chance that it is said, “Just as their faces differ, so do their opinions differ.” There is nothing we can do about it.

However, is it desirable that everyone thinks the same way? What will work on them? It will be like identical screws or identical stones and not human beings. Every person must be unique. In fact, the more developed a person is, the more different he is from others. We must connect on top of all the differences since it is actually thanks to our connection above the differences that we attain unity. It is the way each one expresses a characteristic quality, and when they are all mutually incorporated, we establish the general collective one. This “one” doesn’t exist by itself; we must build it. This is the reason for the shattering. There was no feeling of the one in the world of (Infinity). There was no one who could feel this one. However, when the worlds descended after the shattering and falling into this world, everyone turned out to be different. Thanks to the fact that we are all different but we connect above our differences, we begin to establish the concept of the one, which doesn’t exist by itself.

So, it is only natural, right, and good that there are debates in the group. The question is how we perceive them and use them in order to reach unity among us. In our unity, we discover the uniqueness of the upper force who is One.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14

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