All In The Nation Are Guarantors For Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person doesn’t have persistent spiritual yearning, doesn’t aspire to the Creator but simply tries to be saved from suffering, then, from the start, it is not worthwhile to tell him about the evil inclination, about the ego. We must first  engage him in activities that develop and expand his absorptive Kli, his perception, understanding, feeling and capacity for inquiry.

It is as if he were expanded from within, and some kind of empty space is created there that begins to be filled with all kinds of new observations and definitions: the group, me, and all our relationships.

Then, there is something to talk about. The person is included in this picture, within the general plan, and already begins to work. If you just explain to him about the nature of our ego theoretically, then the person will be bored and dry up. He must first feel in his heart, and after that, this passes to the brain. The brain is a good addition to the heart that serves it. It is said that “the heart understands.” Otherwise, the learning remains like a dry, abstract theory.

But it is possible to teach about phenomena that will be discovered later on condition that we are equipped with mutual Arvut, and Arvut is possible not only among Kabbalists, but also among regular people as, for example, in an army or among mountain climbers, and certainly this is not spiritual Arvut yet, but this is somewhat like it.

Don’t we become guarantors with each other through the bank, or through an insurance or pension plan? Everyone in the nation is a guarantor for everyone else to some extent. These systems already exist in order to prepare us for entry into Arvut.

We once lived in a cave like one big family, and later this family began to scatter. Its parts lost the connection between them and didn’t feel close. Therefore, another social connection was inserted and added between them. This is also Arvut, only it isn’t on the same level as it is with Kabbalists. However, it also serves the advancement and correction of the world.

People are in connection with each other, even though it is egoistic. Everyone in the world is a servant of the Creator whether they want this or not. We came out of a natural, instinctive, familial, connection between us, but instead we created a new linkage: commerce, reciprocal services. Some people are ill and others are doctors. Some need shoes, and others work as shoemakers, and so forth. This is as it is written, “Go and make a living from one another.”

The livelihood through which we are linked with each other is a correction of the shattering. I repair shoes for you, and you sew clothes for me. We already are found in Arvut with this, even though this is to a small degree. Through the thousands of years of the evolution of its shattering, humanity is approaching a threshold where it must consciously enter into Arvut. However, before this, we already have advanced and approached Arvut on the still, vegetative, and animate levels.

This shows the greatness of this concept. We are only in Arvut all the time, and we build and measure ourselves according to this, consciously or not.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/01/14, Lesson on the Topic: Preparation for the Convention

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