A Juicer (Made In Egypt)

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything stems from the connection between the Light and the desire. The desire that was created by the Light as something from nothing goes through several phases of evolution: the root phase, phase one, two, three, and four. Only on the fourth level of level four does the created being begin to feel that he is a created being in relation to the Creator, like a guest before the host, with all the necessary feelings and discernments in order to be independent.

Until we attain this level of development through the Upper Light, we cannot feel that we are independent and cannot feel ourselves, our state, at all. Until then, it is simply the action of the upper. It is like the debate over when an embryo is considered a human being and not just a collection of cells. Then it is impossible to kill it since he has every right to exist like every human being.

This happens through the process of our development. Unless the fourth level is finally stabilized, it isn’t a created being yet. Unless it begins to perform independent actions, even a certain action according to its level, it isn’t considered a created being, but is totally under the domination of the Creator. It doesn’t feel itself yet, and so it is impossible to attribute any actions to it, neither good nor bad, no sins and no Mitzvot.

Then the ten Sefirot develop from this first HaVaYaH. Malchut begins to operate in order to bestow “its darkness will illuminate as the Light,” which means that Malchut begins to illuminate, to give, and thus receives attributes that are similar to the Light, and therefore it is called Sefirot (from the Hebrew word “Sapir” – “sapphire,” “illuminating”). There are exactly ten Sefirot, not nine and not eleven, since it is there, where the last Sefira ends, that the created being can act independently.

The same is true with regard to our exertion. We have to reach the accurate full level that matches the measure, the state we are in. We never know what state we are in, since it is possible to know that only from the upper level that gave birth to the level we are on. Only on the upper level that gave birth to us do we begin to control what is lower than it, and thus understand the state we have been through.

It turns out that a person never knows his real state. Unless he completes his last measure of exertion, it is as if he hasn’t done anything! Even worse, the greatest darkness is revealed at the end, which means the difficulty, the despair, the helplessness, all the unpleasant feelings come just before we complete our exertion. It is like the exodus from Egypt, the resistance to the ego increases until the ten plagues are over and there is the escape. We are ready to do anything in order to detach from it and the redemption occurs only at the end.

This means that we have to exert ourselves until the end of the last measure, and the redemption will appear suddenly. All the last phases and especially the final phase are the most difficult and exhausting, like in a juicer. Only the patience and the stubbornness which totally depend on the environment help us here. Let’s hope that we will manage to hold on till the end; as Baal HaSulam says in the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot“: “And only the heroes among them, whose patience endured, defeated the guards and opened the gate. And they were instantly awarded seeing the King’s face.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/07/14, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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