The Most Practical Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we need the “street” to continue the development of the integral method?

Answer: Sure! The wisdom of Kabbalah and technique of Integral Education as part of it is a practical material realization of the ancient wisdom. Seemingly the entire theory is explained to us, but at the same time, not all of it.

What the Kabbalists of the past left to us from ancient days until our time is described very sparingly. You cannot imagine how many parts are missing! They could not convey all of the nuances of this system that comes from the upper world and descends downward; rather, they gave only a small stream of information that explains in what manner this is connected to us. All the rest of the parts of this immense system are not imperative for us.

We will discover them to the degree of perception of the spiritual world, on every level, in breadth. Therefore, the Kabbalists recorded only what would help us to rise from level to level. Even though these are thick volumes; however, in fact this is only scanty information about the enormous system, about its behavior, about the reactions, about the correction, etc.

Kabbalah is the most practical science. Without practical actions, all of its books are “dead.” And practical action is first and foremost, correction, which is not possible to do without going out to the people. You yourself don’t feel the necessity of your correction, not from above and not from them. By necessity you must be in the middle so that both this and that will press upon you. Everything is realized only in communication, in the use of the method among the people.

But you must more or less recognize the entire system in spite of it all; you must have a strong group that stands behind you. Everything must be gathered together. In going out to the public, you must feel that you are their representative; you must feel that you are found together with them. Without this feeling you cannot give the masses the integral energy that acts to change reality.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/18/13

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