From A Multitude Of Desires To A Single Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we feel the need, the desire, of the 99% of humanity and fulfill them correctly?

Answer: You don’t need to feel the need of the 99% of the public. Each one of them has a complete collection of unconscious desires for: food, sex, wealth, respect, power, and knowledge. And within these six types of fulfillment that the person wants, there are yet hundreds of small needs.

If you begin to clarify exactly which desire dominates in each person, then there will be no end to this. He will say something else every minute: “I want this, and this, and this….” When you take a small child to a big toy store, he is dazzled by the abundance of toys and he will grab one and then another and another. It is the same thing with us, too.

Therefore there is no reason to look for their specific desires, they are shared by all; moreover, they wander within particular ranges more or less.

We must bring people to the fact that all of their various desires, whatever they might be, are to be summed up in a yearning to unite among them. Then they will discover that power that fulfills them.

It doesn’t matter what they desire! They don’t need to express them or share them with us. They need to carry out actions and go through states that lead to connection and unity. Then a sensation will appear in them that not only will fulfill the desires of each one but also will create additional unity among them. Thus, they will understand how exactly they can be fulfilled.

As they continue to participate in these activities, they will begin to see that the power of unity they find in a collective can solve all their materialistic problems: health, finances, preservation of the family, the education of children, and so forth. As strange as it may seem, the positive force that is created at the time of connection among egoists is really ready to heal all personal and social wounds if people are raised above their ego and become connected between them.

Therefore, it makes no difference who has which specific problems. We never delve into people. Try to arrange a poll on the street where people will enumerate the ten desires that are most important to them and you will see that they all talk about the same thing. They talk about children, about health, about family, about work, about monetary problems…. With all of them it’s the same thing. Any problem can be solved by sitting in a circle, discussing it among themselves, and with this attracting the inner Light so that it will help them. This is called the “prayer of the many.”
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 11/24/13

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