Discovering The Code Of The Upper Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The general public loves the general rules of the roundtables for workshops very much. Can they apply them in life and at work, as a form of mutual cooperation between people?

Answer: In every case, if they try to apply the integral method at home, in the family, when problems pop up at work, in a collective, during discussions in meetings, with this they will absolutely prove that the method works.

The question is: Can they reach the “raspberry ball” in the center of the circle themselves, that is, the awakening of the general characteristic of bestowal and love? I am sure that they can’t because they don’t have contact with the higher power. Contact can only be for those who learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore they need us.

But gradually this will merge into a single system. After all, in Kabbalah, what are the names of all kinds of qualities: “Sefirot,” “Partzufim,” “Worlds”?—This is about the system of connections between us.

When this system begins to be discovered, people suddenly will discover that this is called this, and that is called that. “From where do you know that this is called this?” “What, it isn’t understood?” And it is not because a person reads this in a book, in general he cannot open it, but he will simply say: “This is called ‘Arich Anpin’.”

For all these names appear from the discovery of the inner links between people. Until then they didn’t exist. Adam HaRishon was the first who brought the language of the upper worlds. In principle, this is not even a language, but a code, like in a computer.

Therefore, sooner or later people will perceive all of this. But in spite of it all, we must guide them, without us nothing will be realized.
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 11/24/13

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