Criteria For Evaluating The Integrality Of A Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the criteria for evaluating the integrality of a person, especially the manager of a factory after he goes through a course of Integral Education?

Answer: This could be evaluated according to several criteria.

The first criterion is the group. How much does a person yearn again for the group in his daily life and at his regular work because he gets recharged from it? How much is he linked more tightly with some of his friends, but principally with the entire collective because along with this he feels himself comfortable and warm?

Subconsciously all of us aspire to feel secure, like a child who runs to his mother and buries his face in her lap, only we express this differently. A drive like this exists with everyone: both for a nation and for a people, and for a solitary individual, and also for all of humanity. We intentionally receive an imperative like this from above. Therefore a person who yearns for connection, for warmth, is naturally more advanced.

The second criterion is the family. Does he try to create an identical atmosphere in the family, for otherwise he doesn’t feel at ease there? It could be that he cannot or does not want to explain this to the family; it isn’t comfortable or pleasant for him. Therefore, he needs to arrange joint family picnics and social gatherings. Or he could establish a women’s club where women will talk about what changes they see in their husbands.

The third criterion is work. It is most difficult for a manager to work with his workers because he will begin to relate more softly with them and they will consider this to be a weakness. In a case like this, we must urgently begin to teach Integral Education to them.

As long as the managers are still “cooking,” after two or three sessions we must begin to work with the workers.

At the same time, the company does not change, for we only improve the connection among the team of workers. The system doesn’t need to be changed, it will soften and become more integral in its internal connections. But nothing will be changed with the directives and the structure, the previous linearity from above to below will remain. We only improve the atmosphere in the company to produce positive results on all levels.

The values will gradually change with the people. The revolution will happen when every person in the factory, as a result of the annual integral work, will feel that the main thing is spirit and not an increase in salary.

Then the inner need will be created for equalizing salaries. What will lead to this is the realization that a worker is receiving an amount with which he can live only with difficulty, whereas the manager receives above and beyond; everything will bring itself to a new balance. A gradual realignment will occur that will be resolved from above and not from below, but only after the integral development of the management team.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/23/13

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