Bring People The Power Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can an integral group remain in a state of excitement to convey a feeling of unity during an event?

Answer: The easiest way to keep in a state of excitement is during the time of preparing the event, for I and my friends want everything to go successfully. We think about this all the time, are concerned about how we can bring out the energy of inner unity and our integrality from within the group and convey it to the audience that is in front of us.

Therefore during all kinds of activities, workshops, lectures, talks, and games problems like this don’t need to pop up because we ourselves have a real need for this to succeed. We mobilize all of our yearning, all of the integral forces for attaining the goal; we must succeed.

If you feel this, then when you go out to a dissemination activity, you ask for support from the group an additional time so that it won’t forget you, and you try to attract that same warmth that you feel in the group to yourself at the time of connections like these. The need will appear within you when after the morning lessons the group gathers in a circle for at least ten minutes and recreates the wonderful power of unity, and you will grasp it and pass it on.
From the Talk About Groups and Dissemination 11/24/13

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