A Righteous Man Can Fall Seven Times And Rise

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe incarnate to the lowest level which is called, “this world,” and we discover ourselves in it. We are born here, develop, live, exist within the physical body, and comprehend reality through the five senses.

All of this is so that from this condition, which is absolute zero relative to spirituality, failing each time, one can know how to enter the spiritual world through our free choice,  free action.

We penetrate spirituality a little, rising with the help of the Light that Reforms, improve our characteristics and senses, and fall again to this level outside the spiritual world. Again we rise and again we fall. Every time there is a fall to this world, absolutely complete separation from the spiritual, again a new elevation begins, but greater in value and quality.

That is how we work until we clarify all of the shattered desires and connect them together through our relationship to them as a friend  in love and unity. Ultimately we make a single Kli, one desire, which means we reach the end of our correction.

There is nothing more to do on Earth, that we feel that we exist upon now, besides attracting the Light that Reforms, the power that can elevate us from this low level to the higher level. After that, we will again fall for this must be, and again we rise, but to a higher level than the previous one. As it is said, “For a righteous man can fall seven times and rise” (Proverbs 24:16) or “No person can rely upon the matter of a Mitzvah unless he has failed in it” (Mishnah Halachot).

This is the way of the clarification of the shattering and its correction through which we attach more and more shattered Kelim, connecting them together. Essentially this is elevation from the point of this world upwards in accord with the levels of the spiritual ladder. All of this depends only upon the number of Kelim that we attach to one action, to one intention.

Therefore, the one thing that is imperative for us is to attract the Light that Reforms. It is necessary to be organized in order to influence it most effectively, to clarify what the desire, the intention, and all of our actions must be. If the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) acts upon us to the same degree that we attract it, then it is up to us to organize the group, the studies, dissemination, and all of our lives accordingly, so that everything will be directed and connected to that goal: maximum yearning for the Light that Reforms.

And so all the talk, study, and intentions while studying must only be about this subject; it is up to a person to understand that in this life, in the existence of the present level, where we are found today, there is no other goal. If one carries out this work and attracts the Light that Reforms that raises him or her to the first spiritual level, then one will merit this elevation. For clear laws operate here in compliance with the Lights and the vessels.

And if one doesn’t merit revelation, then one remains with the same Reshimo (spiritual gene). Of course, he will improve it a little through his efforts, but ultimately he will end his existence on the material level and will pass to the next level of this world. In other words, he will die and be born again; he will begin to develop within a new level of this world. These are ten Sefirot but without a Masach (screen); therefore, we see them just as the birth of a body in this world.

There is no choice, if we want to realize ourselves, we must be concerned only about the Light that Reforms! Therefore it is always necessary to make a critique, a clarification, an inspection of the study, the dissemination, the assembly of friends, the meals, everything in life. Is everything organized such that all of our efforts will be maximally useful for continuing the illumination and attracting it to us? Are we attracted to its characteristics, its direction?

On this basis it is up to us to organize all of the relationships between us. Only the illumination is our main goal and determines all of our actions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/13, Writings of Rabash

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