Stay Away From Externality

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople are moving away from trappings and feigned manners. Once aristocrats walked the streets in tail coats and top hats, automatically holding themselves in strict decorum, performing adopted  rituals .

Today, however, people are becoming more liberated of the rigid frameworks: They dress simply, speak plainly, the media are less formal, children are more relaxed in their behavior with their parents, more people wear sandals and sneakers, etc.

In short, we are drawing away from the external form as it is clear now that this isn’t what makes a person.

People are not ashamed of what was considered social taboos in the past. Non-traditional sexual inclinations, for example, over which people used to kill themselves in the past, are openly declared today without any feelings of shame. People don’t feel they need to hide their natural tendencies anymore, and society accepts everyone. Everyone receives innate attributes to which he adds what he has received from the environment.

Thus, we gradually approach the question of: “So who am I really? If everything that I am is inherited, then I am actually nothing, a kind of a robot with a built in program instead of a real individual.”

This question isn’t asked explicitly yet, but humanity is getting closer to this and soon it will be ready to actually ask it. When the superficiality comes to an end, we will want to identify what it is that makes a person a human being.

Then we will discover that there is nothing but the point in the heart and that even this point doesn’t give us the right to be called a human being yet. It is only a drop of spiritual semen that we have to bring into the group, which means to bring one’s self into the womb. The more strongly I adhere to the group, the more I adhere to the womb, and then according to my efforts I am fed and receive blood, oxygen, etc. Then this drop becomes a spiritual embryo.

The main thing is that this whole process is carried out by the group. This is where one is nourished, and the more the embryo is adhered to it, the more spiritual force it receives to grow.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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