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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our group works very actively organizing a multitude of great projects and we feel there is a future for this. At the same time we see how our friends lose their jobs, their businesses fail, bankruptcies occur, and this is very difficult. Does this indicate that the Creator is trying to confuse us, or does it mean that we don’t have the right balance between dissemination and providing for our basic needs?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t want to confuse us. He wants only good for us. We are confusing ourselves.

The world must go either by way of suffering or by way of our illumination and education. We need to understand that nothing needs to change in the world except for the person himself, there is no other way. If we don’t change our nature, we will destroy ourselves and all of civilization on the face of our small globe. Terrible world suffering and wars are waiting for us to the point where there will be only a few thousand people left who will implement the plan of creation anyway. They will be able to change since all of the suffering of humanity that will have disappeared by then will be included within them.

But it’s also possible to do this in another way, through dissemination. Or with the “middlel line”: partly through suffering and partly through dissemination. We must try to solve everything in a good way, by the way of consciousness and awareness. This will be for the good of all.

Specifically what is it possible to do? I don’t know. I have tried many times to converse with all kinds of leaders, including the leaders of the European Union. In the meantime they believe they have the ability to protect themselves and that what they have will be enough. Somehow they will supply themselves with both security and wealth, and all the rest is unimportant to them. They are not ready to do anything.

Therefore, all hope for a better outcome depends only upon us. Try to do something, disseminate, try to write letters, turn both to the higher strata of the population and the lower strata. Otherwise you will be doing nothing.

For in spite of all this we have accomplished something: You are found here, listening to the possibilities of bringing our world out of the blind alley. And each one of you can reveal this to another thousand people.

Only through the group do we attract the Light of the Creator. And isn’t it up to us to transmit it? To do this we must create a connection with the nation; the ball is in our hands. Don’t think that the wisdom of Kabbalah or something else will give you wealth, control, respect, knowledge, and some kind of improvement. Nothing will help! Only correction will help.

When the crisis began, I received a multitude of letters with a request to show what the wisdom of Kabbalah is prepared to do. As a rule I answered very simply: The wisdom of Kabbalah is ready to explain to you how it’s possible to change yourselves so that the world will be changed, otherwise it will not change.

Therefore there is nothing to complain about when people have lost their jobs and cannot live anymore like they did in the past; this is the natural movement of our development. Now in the meantime everything is organized such that the governments somehow provide for the needs of their populations. But the situation could become much worse. The Creator will continue to agitate us until all the ego will be shaken out of us, until we understand that it’s necessary to change.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/01/13, Lesson 2

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