When Your Eyes Open Up To See

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we establish cooperation between the different groups of our global society correctly so that it will be most efficient?

Answer: We don’t need to think about that since the Light will do everything. We simply must work on the connection, on everyone’s incorporation and adhesion. Later, we will discover that we already exist in the system.

When we yearn inward, into the common center, we suddenly discover that we are properly connected to one another like parts of a puzzle that fit one another. There are holes and bulges in each of us, and we suddenly fit one another like cogwheels. However, this multi-layer, multi-directional form isn’t just three dimensional, like in our world, but multi-dimensional. All the bulges and holes match one another. The Light does that and not us.

The cogs of all the wheels connect more tightly until they create one whole, until they all accumulate and fill all of Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity).

This actually exists already, but the state of the shattering is gradually revealed to us, meaning the lack of contact, until everyone is incorporated gradually in the general system.

All of this is gradually revealed to us as our eyes gradually open up to see. In the past when a prisoner who had been in the dungeon for decades was taken out, they used to put several sacks over his head and remove them gradually so that he would get used to the light of day and wouldn’t be blinded by the strong light. Thus, the concealing Masachim (screens) gradually are removed from us, and we change them to Masachim of receiving.

When we receive the Light in the attribute of bestowal, it doesn’t blind us because it doesn’t enter the desire itself, but is above it. So, we have nothing to worry about, but to yearn for unity. Everything else between us will work out by itself. All the groups will begin to complement one another and we will see how inter-group reorganization and the division of labor.

The whole world will come to an international division of labor, not as it is today where China produces the merchandise, America prints money, Russia pumps oil, and so on. Instead, we will see the correct mutual cooperation between all on every level to optimally complement one another. First of all, this will happen between the groups.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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