The Two Truths

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe unique nature of spiritual work lies in the fact that a person has to get accustomed to being in opposite states. And, despite their polarity, he has to be able to live in both, discerning one from the other as a “benefit of the Light coming from darkness,” and thereby advancing.

This is very difficult for the beginner to understand. After all, in the corporeal world, we act based only on our egoistic desire to feel pleasure; there is no desire to bestow here, and so there is only one truth. And everything that opposes it we consider false.

In spirituality, it is the other way around. Since we assemble the Creator based on the created being, then both ends of the spiritual ladder are the truth. And the greater the evil inclination is, man’s ego, the higher he can ascend; once he will be wicked and another time he will be righteous. And every time these states, so distant from one another, arise in one person.

Therefore, we must view these two states correctly, both ascents and descents: We must rise above them. In other words, there is me and there is my state of being. It can be a descent or ascent but it has nothing to do with my “I” because “I” is the point where I wish to achieve adhesion with the Creator. And I must perceive all the successive states as necessary.

I “don’t pay attention to” my feelings or delve into them, but rather, I assess how effective a given state is, if I rise above it, in achieving the final goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/10, Writings of Rabash

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