The System Is Locked, Enter A Password

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire spiritual system is in standby mode. In fact, it is a lifeless mechanism, which doesn’t need anything for itself. The same can be said about the Creator because He is a fixed law.

When I call Him kind, merciful, and giving, I attribute my own sensations to Him. This is His image in my eyes, and He Himself exists above everything, above attainment.

Accordingly, the system of spiritual worlds is a system of unchangeable laws. There are no other “sensitive elements” in it but us, who demand something and give and receive consciously. It is as if there were a pipe that transmits Light running towards me. There is a faucet at the end of the pipe, but I can’t open it, not with my hands,  but I can open it with my desire.

The upper degree is not a “kind man” but a programmed mechanism. I launch the system by appealing towards the Upper One. It only begins to work when I bring the proper desire, the proper impulse into it. It is always ready; in other words, it is ready to launch the supply of Light as soon as I can “open the tap.” Moreover, the more I can open it, the stronger the flow I will receive.

This faucet has an “access code.” To enter it, one needs a proper, specific, verified request. I must calculate my desires and intentions, focus my mind and feeling and invest my self entirely into this “signal,” pass it through the group, connect my friends to the common desire, and direct it towards the benefit of the Creator.

The tap will open once we match the correct code. The system is waiting for the entry of the correct data. There is a lifeless mechanism before us, filtering  and releasing portions of Light, abundance, energy, strengths, and desires.

The only living part is Malchut of the world of Atzilut, which lies below. Everything else only comes to life as I bring my life, my aspirations, and my pain into it.

And this is why we cannot wait for something to come from above on its own. The system works in conformity with my desire and my commands. If I am not yet ready to give the commands, then I scream at a wall without finding the Creator. He only appears when I am able to reach out and touch Him.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “Introduction to The Zohar

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