People Will Come To Us On Their Own

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe fear should be as to whether I can delight the Creator. This cannot happen before we attain mutual guarantee and before everyone worries, in other words, is fearful as to whether he worries about others. I cannot turn to the Creator before that. He may only be a goal, while my concern for others is the condition that helps me focus on that goal. But it doesn’t work without that, as it is said: “From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

We have to organize our work so that it will be clear to us that these two things are connected and that one exists within the other. In order to focus on the Creator, I need the intention by which three components connect in one line: the eye, the first sight and the second sight. Only by connecting these three parts—Israel, the Torah, and the Creator—can I aim and reach the goal.

It is impossible to aim any other way. If I had one eye and one sight I could turn the gun anyway I wanted to. I can only change the axis, a direct line from me, from my eye, if I focus on the group and through it on the Creator.

So I can test the fear—whether I really worry about everyone or whether I only think about the friends, whether all my work is really in order to bestow, whether I bring myself closer to them, whether I worry about equality and connection in the group, like a father who worries about all his children and feels that he is less important than they are. They are most important for him; they are his masters. Their desires determine his actions.

This is how we should feel every member in the group. If we work this way, then the work isn’t done on the corporal plain but on the spiritual one. The Light will begin to go through us and then we will fulfill the method of Kabbalah in the world. It is because the whole world are parts of our soul. We have no choice; we must bring the Light to the world and correct these vessels. Then these vessels, these people, will come running to us on their own wanting to connect to us. They will feel that we have fulfillment for them compared to the bitter exile they are living in now.

This is how the correct fulfillment should be. Everyone should be mutually connected, which means that I worry about everyone as much as I possibly can so that they would have whatever they need. Under such conditions each one will receive the Torah, which means that in response to his actions, the Light will illuminate and work everything out: both one’s inner connections with the friends and the whole group’s connection with the outside world.

Only then will we have the Torah, the Light that Reforms, only if we are at least inclined to mutual guarantee and everyone worries about everyone else. In that case the Light operates in the group and it has the power to disseminate widely to the world.

Otherwise, “it is best to sit and do nothing,” since what can you go out to the public with? If things are not arranged correctly, you can actually bring about actions that are opposite from the Light. It is because the Light always works automatically according to the vessels and to how they are arranged, whether correctly or not. It will show you your mistakes, which means that you will begin to advance by the path of sufferings. This way can be very difficult and unpleasant, especially when such mistakes spread out in a large crowd. So our work has to be very meticulous and accurate
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/01/13, Shamati #38 “The Fear of God Is His Treasure

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