An Anti-World Founded On An Unknown Formula

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is so difficult to reveal and explain Kabbalah to the masses of the common man because it is a reality that he doesn’t feel. Besides, it is opposing him, an “anti-world.” And it is not just the opposite reality where “plus” can be replaced with “minus,” but the very fact of it being opposite is incomprehensible to a regular person since this formula doesn’t operate in our world. Therefore, it is only natural that this wisdom is practiced by few.

Even though great many people agree that Kabbalah is probably talking about something quite exalted, good, and correct, they, however, are unable to grasp it. Hence, we witness how mankind sinks itself deeper into deception seeking solace in all kinds of substitutes of the truth: theology, mysticism, and various “new age” trends. Well, what can one do? We have to wait till humanity grows up. The more teachings that claim to reveal spirituality continue to circulate, the sooner mankind will see what is good and what is evil.

It is a well known fact that the more popular a person becomes, the sooner his real worth becomes clear. If a doctor advertises himself, everybody will rush to be treated by him. And if he is not a very good doctor, with so many patients it will quickly be found out and they will leave.

Prior to that, he still could have treated patients, but after the advertising effort, in general none will come to him. In other words, advertisement promotes revelation of truth.

This is why Kabbalists do not oppose any teachings; let everything have its place since all of them exist due to the uncorrected nature of desire. As long as people find some fulfillment in these methods, nothing can be done in that regard. Let a person make his own discernments in his egoism and later come to the truth. There are many obstacles and false teachings that stand in our way, but they serve as certain filters that help us filter our ego through them.

And when a person has finally passed through all these filters and stops believing in various forces (“multiple gods”) and his own powers, as well as all sorts of fetishes such as red bands, talismans, and blessings, he realizes that nothing can help him but the Upper Light that reforms and returns us to the source of love!

Besides, now he is certain he knows what “good” means. And then, he comes to it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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