The Human Being Is Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the created beings are under the control of the Creator, the upper force. The Creator created only one thing—the desire to receive that is divided into four levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human. These stages descend from the connection with the Creator, from the “world of Infinity” to the state of “this world” in which they are completely disconnected from the Creator. They descend because only by participating in the creation of the connection with the Creator will the created beings feel, understand, attain, and make their life have the same state as His.

To do this, the entire desire to receive should take the form of the desire to bestow, inherent to the Creator. On the way, the created beings attain the upper management and obtain the ability to act as the Creator does. That means to be like Him.

In order to bring all the created beings to the state of belonging to all four levels, the most developed desire of the fourth stage—the human, Adam—must first establish connection with the Creator. Only the fourth level is able to keep this connection consciously and deliberately by starting to feel his own reality against the Creator, seeing himself opposite to Him, agreeing or disagreeing with Him, acting for his own benefit or the benefit of the Creator, etc.

Thus, in essence, the fourth stage is the center of creation. On the other hand, the previous three stages are connected to it without having freewill. It is the fourth stage that determines how these components will take part in the process. It is the intention, the direction, while others just act in this direction without any free choice.

Thus, we are talking about people in this world who above all should feel that they are in concealment and then can to work in order to establish contact with the Creator from the stage of complete separation from Him, from the point most distant from infinity.

Schematically, it looks like this: The Creator is in the world of infinity, and we are in this world, and the distance between us is divided into 125 degrees. We must establish connection with Him from here, from this world.

It begins when the Creator awakens us—shines more and more. Due to His Lights, the desires of the fourth level begin to rise in our world; in turn they are also subdivided into various types according to the same four stages. The “purest” desires awaken first; they are followed by more “coarse” desires. Thus, the process of correction continues from easy to difficult. In other words, those “easy” parts that we correct at the beginning help us correct more “coarse,” “heavier” parts later.

Correction is carried out due to the fact that the Creator awakens His illumination, His attitude to us, and it begins to be revealed not just as good towards the “material” of desire, as on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, but deliberately good. In other words, due to the illumination of the Creator, we will have to get closer to Him.

To do this, we need to change our intention. That is, instead of the still, vegetative, and animate level, we have to form a human stage in ourselves. And the human stage is intention over matter.

We know this from the four stages of the distribution of the direct Light: The fourth stage in the end decides to make restriction (Tzimtzum) and respond to the master with the same attitude that He shows in relation to it. This is the intention.

The fourth stage has nothing to give back to the Creator back—it can only continue to receive His good with the intention that turns all that is received into bestowal onto Him. Then, all the person’s thoughts and all his heart are in the Creator. It does not matter what he receives; the person is like a guest who looks at the Host and wants only to please Him.

That is what the change of intention is, a change of attitude; I switch from “for my own sake to the sake of the Host,” which becomes the determining factor. The Host is first for me, His state is my first and main concern. And according to this, I do with myself everything that is required.

Thus, it is no longer important which states he goes through, only if they are for the benefit of the Host, and in this case he accepts them as given, he is happy, and his intention is completely aligned with them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/6/13, Shamati #8

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