Love Is The Way To Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Arguments and Facts): “Love doesn’t die. Partners who love each other a lot, even decades after marriage feel that sense of euphoria (caused by the secretion of the pleasure hormone dopamine), as do couples freshly in love. The difference is in this; with those who have not been in love for long it has been observed that there is increased activity of regions of the brain responsible for passion and excitement. And with the partners who have been in love for a long time, activities in areas of calmness and suppression of pain became prominent.

One glance. Love is aroused in a fifth of a second after eye contact, and comes to expression in strong stimulation in 12 areas of the brain. The number of hormones that are secreted into the blood is different, which disrupts the normal activity of the nervous system.   From here comes the expression: ‘Losing one’s head from love.’

“A drug that is not harmful. Love influences people in a form like this; they forget obvious things and lose the ability to concentrate, which is to say that love influences the human body in the same way as drugs. Memory and concentration become less active when a person sees a picture of the object of his love.”

My Comment: Spiritual love—(not that which is egoistic or natural, like the love of a mother for her child or love for someone of the opposite sex, which fulfills the ego), love that is created in us “artificially” with the help of the upper Light (the Surrounding Light – Ohr Makif) according to a particular method (the method of integral education), that in spite of our ego, one loves the other—in love like this, the feeling of a higher power is discovered because a person begins to see the world through other people, in their desires and characteristics. In this way the person “leaves” his body (the senses) until the creation is comprehended as an eternal field of power and emotion.

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