A Small Sacrifice For A Great Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn a Kabbalistic group, love for another is attained when we stop paying attention not only to the externality of the friends, not only to their physical appearance, but also to their inner potential, because all this mixes together and each one works within the other.

We have already spoken of this not just once, that I don’t have those desires in me that I can fulfill through the Upper Light, through the Creator, through attaining the upper world. They are all found in you; whereas in me, they don’t exist. There is only a point in me and no more than this.

To the degree that I acquire your desires as mine, “and you shall love your friend as yourself,” so I acquire that spiritual Kli, those desires, that I can fill. And through their fulfillment, I fulfill myself.

Together with this we transform into very big egoists, only this is no longer called “egoism” because you see I overcome my small physical ego in order to acquire a gigantic desire that is filled by the Light through the presence of the Creator. And all of this is mine!

Therefore don’t separate from anything, don’t escape anything, don’t sacrifice anything, and don’t pretend you are heroes. On the contrary, you are approaching very great reception of Ein Sof, therefore this wisdom is called the “science of reception.”

The one thing, as Baal HaSulam says, is that there is a small psychological trick here where we must overcome a psychological barrier that I “as if” fulfill others relative to my present self.

But as soon as I gradually begin to feel the way a mother feels towards her child with the group, that this is mine, then immediately it becomes understood by me that it really is mine. This is my acquisition, my Kelim. And that’s it! This is your world of infinity. Please, be like the Creator, take control of it, you will get it, and enjoy it!

Because what is the goal of creation? To enjoy! Therefore don’t try to make of yourselves holy martyrs. We sacrifice the smallest most nothing ego in order to leave it and acquire a truly limitless Kli filled with infinite pleasure.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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