Not Punishment, But An Integral Responsibility

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that the entire system is stopped if one of us doesn’t participate in it in the right way?

Answer: It’s like one valve in an engine suddenly gets stuck and the entire machine stops, or one component on the computer motherboard is burned. However, there is significance to how important this unit is. Is it the motherboard or something minor? Whereas in the integral system, the components are not more or less important;  it is round so each one is important to the same degree as every other unit. If it disappears, the entire system will stop.

Also if one component burns, they all burn, because it’s included in them all. We are like gears in the mechanism of a watch. If one gear is broken and doesn’t turn, it blocks them all and the watch stops.

The system works thanks to the fact that all of its components are linked with each other and work together. And if some part stops working, it stops the entire system. No gear can be removed from the others and just turn like it wants. This cannot be. In a working engine, all the gears must turn, and if suddenly some of them get stuck, the entire machine stops.

You cannot enter into the system or leave it. You are found in it against your will and you cannot do anything about this. Throughout history to date we have only grown; this entire system grew thanks to egoism. And when it grew, it began to show the link between all its parts.

Today the relations between us are revealed more and more. Every day we discover tens or hundreds of threads that are stretched from me to you and from you to me and to all the rest of the people. From day to day this giant octopus catches us more and more in its arms, through new connections, from all of my thoughts and desires to everyone and from everyone to me.

We are connected by innumerable binding threads; there are so many of them and they are so tightly intertwined that they eventually merge into one great field. Now the world is passing precisely through this process: At every moment these connections are becoming stronger and stronger, and they define our lives. Before they were hidden, but today these relationships are revealed. And in fact, no new connections are created, rather the system that already exists is being discovered.

But at least this disclosure is beginning to judge us and demand a response. The world crisis is spreading and intensifying, revealing our interconnectedness, and we feel worse. This system is being revealed as already existing, and it demands that we begin to act to the degree of this discovery.

Suppose that 10% of the linkages out of 100% are revealed to us. We don’t know or understand 90% of them, but we must comply with the system according to the degree of the discovery of the mutual connection. If we aspire to be supported by it, then we are walking in the way of the Light (“Achishenah”); we agree with the system, want to join with it, cooperate, and work together, and we want to adhere to the higher power. The law that works in this system and connects all of its parts is called the Creator, the higher power, the Light.

Even if we don’t want to be associate with it and don’t want to participate in it, the system still continues to work. But the difference, this gap, between its active state and our unwillingness to work is felt as a crisis. The system continues to reveal itself because according to the program, 6,000 years were allocated for its development.

For example, in another year the system will reveal itself, and our fault and lack of cooperation is no longer 10% but 20%. And so we will feel the crisis twice as much as the present crisis, and even worse because this is an integral system that multiplies its reaction. So it will be several times worse than it is now. Just imagine temperatures of 50 degrees hotter and 50 degrees colder; the crops will naturally die, also all the cattle. And what are we going to do?

If we don’t participate in this system, don’t obey the law of nature to which we are required to meet, then it’s true form will be revealed. This is not a punishment that someone is sending intentionally. Simply the true picture is being revealed: that you are not participating in the common system, and therefore you are harming yourself. The Creator doesn’t punish you; in general, He is ready to help you. He simply doesn’t want to take away your free choice. You yourself must decide who you want to be: a sinner or a righteous.

If I am conscious of the system, want to be better aware of it and to participate in it as its integral part, this is called the “prayer of the many.” And then I can pray for the others or for my participation in the system, this makes no difference, in any case it’s considered that I am praying for the whole in order to fulfill my obligation in relation to all. I ask only that it will give me the strength to participate in everything for everyone in the right way. I feel myself responsible for all, for the entire world, and am obliged to carry out my function. And in fact, with this I define the state of all the rest.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/05/13, Writings of Rabash

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