If You Are Angry It Is A Sign That You Are Not Right

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to identify where I am acting on my own, denying the leadership of the Creator?

Answer: It’s possible to identify this place very simply. It’s when you are angry and don’t agree with the higher supervision, are detached from the group and from the Creator, and carry out your own program. This shows that you are not adhered to the Creator.

If you notice that in particular desires and states you don’t feel the control of the Creator, even if you want to adhere to the higher supervision and advance, this means that this desire is damaged and requires correction. Your feeling will not change until you correct it. You can’t say that everything is okay from the start because the goal is to reach unity, adherence with the Creator. Therefore you have no choice; you must work with all these states, desires, and intentions to reach adherence through them where past, present, and future connect; you and the Creator are always connected, in all actions, thoughts, and intentions.

When a problem is discovered, we must solve it as if the Creator doesn’t exist. Even though you know that “There is none else beside Him,” you are found in an opposite state. You are angry, and the anger is a sign of ego.

So what is there to be angry about if everything happens according to the desire of the higher supervision? But in spite of this, a person has free choice. It hurts to see that it’s possible to make corrections and avoid suffering from unpleasant states, to give the Creator satisfaction, and yet the person is not doing this.

There is a clash here between the principle, “There is none else beside Him” and “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before,” the control by one force, “the free choice of the person,” and the “power of many forces.”

We don’t understand this until we reach the first discovery, the middle line, in which two opposites meet. Then we understand what faith above reason is, where the two opposite states, the plus and the minus, meet. “There is none else beside Him” and “If I am not for myself who will be for me” complete each other within the person regarding past, present, and future.

Without this kind of vessel of bestowal, we cannot connect the two opposites and understand the unity of higher governance. Therefore, Kabbalists simply suggest to us how one should act without entering too deeply into detailed explanations. For in order to understand these explanations to some degree, we need to have corrected properties. Everything is established according to the Kli of our perception. If the person acts correctly, then they are discovered within him gradually and he is ready to feel and accept this particular part.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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