A Team Of Pioneers Of The Collective Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do the students who live abroad and are found in various cultures need to do if they want to feel that they are part of the people of Israel?

Answer: I will try to explain the difference between someone who is a Jew from birth, genetically, and a person who doesn’t have these genes, yet has an inclination to be “Yashar-Kel,” meaning belonging to the Creator.

It is said that someone who converts to Judaism is born again. This means that he is a Jew 100%, and even more because he originated with a more distant desire. And if he corrects it, he becomes closer and more internal than the rest. Rabbi Akiva, from whom all our Torah comes, was not originally a Jew. In the period when the people of Israel were on a spiritual level, there were numerous great Kabbalists who originated from the nations of the world.

There is no disparagement here, rather the opposite, because all of the desire that we need for correction is specifically found with the nations of the world. It is said that the Creator first wanted to give the Torah to the nations of the world, meaning for the correction of the AHP. And Israel, the Galgalta ve Eynaim are only a transition towards this correction.

Therefore, the people who approach the collective correction and don’t belong to the people of Israel according to their origin are the pioneering part of the AHP, those “pioneers” from the collective soul that require correction. This means that this is its most important part.

So, they come to us and serve as the conduit between us and the entire world. I hope very much that they will develop the system of integral education, will begin to teach it, and pass it on to the entire world. Each nation has a different culture and a different mentality. So, it is only in this way that it will be possible to help in the correction of the world.

These people are expected to get a much higher reward, and their work is much more important than those who belong to the people of Israel from birth because they are the true conduit and include within them the desires of the AHP. Along with this, they raise themselves to the level of GE.

This picture is still not completely clear, but eventually it will become clear how rich and important the idea of the “convert” is, how many roles it has. A “convert” is a concept, a role, serving as a conduit between GE and AHP that elevates the will to receive toward correction.

There was a time when the people of Israel also left all the other people in Babylon. The spiritual sparks were discovered gradually within the collective desire, layer after layer, beginning with Adam HaRishon. After that, the sparks that remained from the shattering and were called the “points in the heart” were discovered in Abraham and thousands of other Babylonians whom he took from there to the land of Canaan.

These people were a part of all of humanity in the beginning. After that they gathered into a group in accordance with their collective desire and readiness to love thy neighbor as thyself, so that in the center of this connection the higher power was discovered. This is how it is even now. So, this includes both those who were once part of this gathering, as well as those who weren’t in it yet, but are waking up now.

For every one of us, both those who belong to the physical people of Israel and the spiritual Israel, there is a task within the collective system. But it is still unknown to us. But in general, someone who comes from the nations of the world and joins with the people of Israel has a very important role that is yet to be discovered.

They are specifically the ones who establish movement towards the process of correction. GE cannot advance by themselves; they lack desire, lack the power of movement. Therefore, it is said that the nations of the world will carry Israel on their shoulders to Jerusalem to build the Temple.

It is impossible to reach the Creator, the spiritual Kli called the Temple, without the movement that is carried out by the nations of the world, those people who understand this task, this process, this goal. Israel cannot do this on their own. Therefore, our work with all the groups in the world and our concern for our brothers who are part of the nations of the world and are parts of all the groups in the world, is so important. The importance of these groups will be discovered more and more.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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