Coming Back From The Point Of No Return

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A person can tolerate and adjust to the crises and stresses until he loses all his energy and clearly sees that he has passed a point of no return. Can it happen that all of humanity will encounter this problem and end up being at the point of no return?

Answer: A point of no return is a very good state. To what do you want to return? When I begin understanding that my mind, my intellect, is useless, I try to look for a way out of it. So I come to the conclusion that I am the one who has to change.

Question: How can we make a person understand that the entire pool of resources and energy are almost exhausted and that if we continue dragging a little longer, it will be impossible to change a thing?

Answer: For that, we have to “turn on” the system of upbringing, education, dissemination, advertisement, etc. We have to realize beforehand that it’s our duty to caution society that changes will lead them to the next, better state, whereas a passive advancement under the internal pressure of egoism will only bring us to affliction.

The problem is that we are currently in a state that doesn’t let us come to any solutions. I am talking from the point of view of regular people, as well as scientists, not to mention those who have the authority and who define, so to say, our social development. They don’t regard changing a person as a solution, and that’s why everything remains the same.
From a TV Program: “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/3/12

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