A Sick Person, A Sick Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the industrial approach for building an integral society, there are no clear management goals, and essentially, this whole system is totally dependent on an unstable element such as a person, human psyche, and human perception. Therefore, the industrial management system is not good.

Answer: Precisely because of this the system is in a crisis already. Since a modern person is incapable of managing a complex system, he put himself through his ego in such a situation that he uses everything that he produced for unnecessary and totally foreign goals. Look at what is happening! In what debt everybody is in, to what extent we impoverish nature! And all this is basically without any purpose.

Question: This is a paradox of the complex systems. The more complex it is, the more profit can be made from it with minimal investment for management and supervision, but along with that, the smallest failure in a complex system brings much more disastrous results than in a simple system.

Answer: I think that the issue is not in the system, but in man who wants to make profit not by using the system correctly, but in any other way. In any place and in everything, all sorts of inflating economic “bubbles” are expected. We are ready to invent anything possible just to sell and profit from it despite the fact that this money will just lie somewhere in the banks.

In other words, we basically ventured into some field entirely different from the path of development; we got lost. And if this development were for welfare, for fulfillment, for progress… But unfortunately, all this is just for the pocket or for war. Therefore, the crisis here is a purifying element. And it’s very good that it’s being revealed now.

Question: This is an indicator that shows that the society is sick.

Answer: We will not be able to do anything without changing a human being. It’s because this whole crisis and our whole global system is precisely in this state for almost a hundred years: A sick person manages nature and inserts his illness into it. We need to correct the person!
From KabTV’s “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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