Always Start From The Right

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we begin to read The Book of Zohar we should notice two lines everywhere. But where? And should I evoke the left line?

We have already said that we only evoke the right line, as it says in Kabbalistic sources: “Always start from the right,” which means from the Light of Hassadim, in bestowal, in love, in connection, as if you are already in a completely corrected state and the left line doesn’t control anything; it is gone and we don’t see it; it is all controlled by the right.

We have to try and deal only with the right line by wanting to reveal infinite love and bestowal by the Light that Reforms, asking that it will illuminate on our connection with The Book of Zohar. We can read as if we simply read what is written, “counting the letters.” And there is connection with the text when I want to connect with the force that is concealed there, with the Light that Reforms, so that it will illuminate on me and change me. This Light evokes the left line in me, by illuminating on me and impressing me, thus evoking different interruptions, confusions, and thoughts that are different from love and connection.

Then, despite these interruptions, I have to try and feel love and bestowal and ask for correction so that the two lines will connect. I am not asking that the “evil will die” but that “they reform.” This is how we advance.

This means that I don’t have to worry about the left line. If I advance correctly in the right line, the left line is sure to appear. But when it appears, I have to make sure that I will control the right and it will control the left. This means that the left line doesn’t disappear; the evil inclination remains, but I turn it into a good inclination by creating the right cover for it from the right line, the intention of in order to bestow.

This is actually what we want to happen. So, in reading The Zohar we have to constantly think only about the love and connection among us. And we work with whatever is revealed.
From the 2nd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/12, The Zohar

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